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I actually thought it was pretty funny. However... I can take it down. It may offend the Christians on the site also.

(please feel free to delete it if you want??)

In college they came buy my apartment early on a Sunday -- I opened the door with a Scotch on the rocks, pajamas, Incense burning etc.    I think you may need an inverted pentagram necklace and flash it at each one of the callers...   even mutter some nonsense...  they may run.

Don't worry about it.  I'm not offended, and it is an excellent cautionary example of twisted logic, or how almost any scripture - Christian or otherwise - can be used to "prove" even the ridiculous. 

Did you happen to read the one about a child's recollection of being taken on the Saturday home visits, and Beulah and her shocking pink nail polish?   I laughed, but also got shivers up my spine!  uuuuhhhh!

wow....  creepy and yuck.

The Cowboy one was pretty good... 

The cited issues of watchtower are famous for biblical mistakes, and general BS, and even the JWs have basically rounded them all up into hiding (possibly hid them in a bonfire).

The only thing to do is have some fun if they come...... 

The fun for me is in seeing how fast I can send them on their way!

My husband enjoyed getting them talking about anything other than what they came for.  He'd do that with the Mormons, especially, because he loved talking about genealogy.   I would politely disappear.  LOL  

They are beautiful cats.  Do you have one?  Breed them?  Want one?   The Bengals are also spotted. My sister in law has had a couple of them.  I had a Japanese Bobtail that I showed for a while way back in the 80s.  I seem to have a partiality for cats with bob tails.  I've had several Manx cats, as my black cat now is, and also the Japanese Bobtail.  But I do love the wild-looking ones too.  Occasionally I have thought of getting a Birman, or maybe a Turkish Angora, but it's just day dreaming really.  I will probably get a dog instead of a fancy cat.

Cute!  That would be my cat.  Black + attitude.  :-)

my wife sent that to me today. a facebook thing probably?

pretty good!

Pretty funny yep... It's from I CAN HAS CHEEZ BURGER.COM the ultimate compendium of LOLcats :)


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