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People living very long lives is a scary thought.

Longevity is a reason our social programs do not work as originally planned. oh well. It depends if you are afraid of death.

this is a hot-button issue.

We have to solve the current over-population issue first.

just some thoughts.

Hypothalamus... reducing NF-kB, increasing Telomere & injecting stem cells, works on rats and throwin' in some Carnosine, healthy doses of Coffee and a caloric restriction diet also would work.. who knows it's still a baby stage thing like everything else but if your interested in the Longevity thing like I was, those are some of the jargon names that science is looking into... as of right now I think we're trying to make mice or rats immortal instead of humans from the looks of it lol :) So no worries John, mice will soon live to be 30 before actual humans get a bus ticket to immortality.

I wonder with all the scientific accomplishments with organs and such, if anyone has thought of replacing all their organs after they get to a certain age to newer 'parts'? Like a car overhaul but in this case for your body... lol

Hi -

yes - I agree with you.

Actually - I have a "red button" on USA medical practices. Basically the focus is almost always on keeping people alive, while ignoring the fact the people are supposed to die and the "quality of life" is far more important than life itself. I am in the minority on this. Geriatricians and Gerontologists have been working on fixing this. At a certain point, one should put your meds away and let Nature take over. The individual has the primary say.

This is a rather personal belief. I do not like religious fanatics running Washington to run my personal health care decisions.  Surprisingly, the people who shout the loudest about keeping the government out of one's personal life seem to ignore it when topics come up like euthanasia, abortion, sexual preference (and identity) and the list can get quite long. 

(if this turns into a discussion on the items I just mentioned... it should be in a new thread, possibly?)



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