I gave my thoughts on arts in 'Introductory & Rules of the Road' forum, but this place seems more appropriate to post stuff. It does not seem to show up, but I put some of mine more relevant to Theosophy on my user page: archetypal/religious stuff.

I guess pictures do not show up in forums, so describe your pictures and if you like the subject line then discuss it here--even the literary art of it of course. I will start.

Joseph Campbell was a mythographer or at least professor (IIRC) that studied myths. One of his books is The Hero With A Thousand Faces, and it is very relevant to Theosophy, because it is about the myriad symbolism in such myths that really seem to be about becoming an initiate (he does discuss 'the hero as world saviour' with legendary/historical examples.)

Of course it is relevant to good fantasy art, but I have only posted realism on my user page, including a dragon: it is a symbol of the 'wise serpents' (adepts.)

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Hi, You might find a talk i did earlier of interest, ive also included a ppt. i touch on the esotericism of the heros journey and archetypes.



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