2023 TSA National Elections Results are in:

(One horse race  - ALL down the  ballot)

PRESIDENT - Douglas Keene


EASTERN District Directors -
Susanne Hoepfl-Wellenhofer
Steve Schweizer

CENTRAL District Directors -
Noy Chounramany
Linda Dorr

WESTERN District Directors -
Andrew Barker
Peggy Heubei

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(4/10/2023): I have now received the ballot. It assures the results as listed above.

Well - the prediction on 03/18/2023, from the above ballot, was spot on..

it is impossible to error when every candidate is a "one horse race."

05/13/2023  - :the official results are in, with Tallies:

"Candidate, Office, Votes:
Douglas Keene, President, 544 
Rozi Ulics, Vice President, 536 
Susanne Hoepfl-Wellenhofer, Eastern district director, 165 
Steve Schweizer, Eastern district director, 159 
Noy Chounramany, Central district director, 175 
Linda Dorr, Central district director, 186 
Andrew Barker, Western district director, 146 
Peggy Heubel, Western district director, 154 



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