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Here's Where We Might Reach the Limits of Science

This article may interest those who like epistemology in Science. " There are some things we may never know—about time, consciousness, the…

Started by John

5 Jul 6, 2017
Reply by Dewald Bester


Reptile Intelligence

Reptilian intelligence is well known to exist for the fans of Doctor Who. However, how does normal Reptile IQ on Earth measure up? New stud…

Started by John

0 Nov 19, 2013

This was just fascinating..

Ancient Forest Thaws From Melting Glacial Tomb By Laura Poppick, Staff Writer   |   September 20, 2013 09:31am ET An ancient forest has t…

Started by Paige

4 Sep 24, 2013
Reply by Paige

Welcome to the Age of Denial

There's an interesting Op-Ed piece in the New York Times regarding the extent that items which are pretty well proven as fact are denied by…

Started by Joe Fulton

9 Aug 27, 2013
Reply by John


Mystery of Prince Rupert's Drop at 130,000 fps - Smarter Every Day 86

OK.  I'm having a nerd moment. It's just so cool. I will leave any esoteric connections or meanings to you to formulate for yourselves.  Ju…

Started by Deb

2 Jun 6, 2013
Reply by John


Saw this video today and thought I'd put it out there for everyone.  Some interesting thoughts     Any thoughts?

Started by Jon Fergus

33 May 7, 2013
Reply by Serendipity

Human: The Theosophical View

Can't resist asking... are you human?  I am starting to question what humans are. Under the FAQ's "what is Theosophy"  #1 Divine/Human/Natu…

Started by Jessica R. Huffmeyer

7 May 4, 2013
Reply by Jessica R. Huffmeyer

Science, Esotericism & Synthesis

Starting off with the definition from The Free Dictionary: syn·the·sis (snth-ss)n. pl. syn·the·ses (-sz) 1.a. The combining of separate ele…

Started by Joe Fulton

26 Apr 28, 2013
Reply by Paul lee James

Misconduct, Not Error is Main Cause of Life-Sciences Retractions

A study, the largest of its kind published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences states that after a detailed review of bi…

Started by Joe Fulton

3 Oct 5, 2012
Reply by Hari Menon

The JREF (James Randi) Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge   If anyone could really prove "paranormal" phenomenon, do you think th…

Started by Dominique

5 Nov 2, 2011
Reply by Michael A. Williams


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