More Interesting News From the Desert - Remote Viewing Helps Solve Crime

There is quite an interesting article from the Las Vegas Sun about a crime victim that was identified by individuals using remote viewing (see article HERE).  Remote viewing is one of those persistent abilities that somehow defy explanation, which in itself is kind of fun.  I like it when I see folk unable to wish stuff away or gloss it over with ambiguous explanations.  Face it, there's still a lot out there that we don't know, and even more that we don't know that we don't know.

What I find interesting is the accuracy with which the victim was identified.  Sure there are questions and I'm sure that everyone here can come up with a few of their own.

What do you think?

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Dear Joe ,

        Good one I read the article too - it is the government spokemans comment which made me happy  - they insist on a loss of reason as reason and paranoia - what is it that make people think that what I have the other should not have ? particularly in matters of the intellect which is there for the taking as a person develops . In the Yoga sutras of Ptanjali they do have sutras relating to the Phenomenology of the mind - it talks of "Doora Darshanam" = Doora = Far Darshanam = Sight and it also mentions that this same thing in the intellect can be got ''Without'' images by just thinking on a subject . What is more strange is - there are millions of people in India who do yoga and have easily achieved this also of smell and touch (yes you can touch a person miles away .) . Another funny thing is Russians have inherently (I mean by some peculiar quirk of birth) been more psychic than other nations . I am doing meditation with a group of Russians in the Urals who are heavily into Tibetan Buddhism (It is highly mystic ) but we in india understand all forms of Buddhism very easily . We regularly ''see'' and pass information both in thought and images - we effect healings through meditation on Prana (from my side) They employ buddhist mantras . I have seen America and other places - how stupid it would be to attribute it to having seen things on the screen or TV ? When one is part of the actual landscape and see people within oneself - I have heard quarrels between people in other countries and with discernment and clarity who they are without knowing them - what is the big deal the idiots in governemnt doing ? it is our right to develop these already given faculties - and everyone on earth can do it .

Let me narrate an inccident I had at a friends place  whilst I was in Dubai - I stayed over for the night and slept on the couch - he had a persian cat which aometime late at night came and flopped on my chest and went to sleep , I was ''shown'' a very edifying thing about the dream state ( I sleep in the dream state if I want to see dreams - and I go to sleep at Will - everyone can do these things once meditation is attained to ) . Our minds merged and I saw the cat ''thinking'' (as they have no reasoning- they dream .  - In other words I saw the cats dream - what do animals dream my friend ? How is an animals Dream ? Remember they have no volitional actions in life like human beings - so there is no hope or future ,

They dream US !!!!!!!!!!!!!! about man - Their dreams are no different from a human beings dream - It showed me many places houses, events of war , piracy , tall skyscrapers , visions of streets in various countries from different perspectives top , side , front etc , in colour and in black and white and in golden with black lines (just as we do when we have higher consciousness - we have coloured dreams not monochrome ). And continuous - its past So ? these things are uncannily accurate in understanding    - and why I say that it was the Cats dream is because I know my dream state very well and I have lost interest in it myself .  I am putting my neck on a chopping block by writing this - but I verified if it was the truth and it seems it was already known to the ancients - I hate animated movies on animals etc - there is a tremendous sense

of Yearning and a leaden heaviness in the total backdrop of the cats dream . It breaks my heart even to type these and my eyes are already filled with tears .  These are the times when I am sure man is at a point in human history  past the evening and that it is twilight . 


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