Casadeus' Secret Garden of Spiritual Philosophy 4

Philo of Alexandria (20bc-50ce)

For the path of life is twofold, one branch leading to vice, the other to virtue, and we must turn away from the one and never abandon the other. (Specialis Legibus 4)

For you will find the house of wisdom a calm and serene haven that will readily welcome you as you enter; and it is wisdon's name that is celebrated in the oracles by "Bethuel" (Gen. 28.2), which translated means "Daughter of God"; indeed, a true-born and ever-virgin daughter, who has obtained a nature intact and undefiled, both because of her own propriety and the dignity of him that begot her. (De Fuga et Inventione 50).

This is the heavenly nourishment, and it is revealed in the sacred records on the part of the First Cause when he says, "Lo, it is I that am raining upon you bread out of the heaven" (Exod. 16.4); for in truth God distills from on high the ethereal wisdom on minds well endowed and fond of contemplation. (De Fuga et Inventione 138).

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