Casadeus' Secret Garden of Spiritual Philosophy 2

Proclus (*412–485 C.E.) Platonic Theology, Bk.1, ch. 25

In short, there are three things which replenish divine natures, and which are the sources of plenitude to all the superior genera of beings, viz. goodness, wisdom and beauty. And again, there are three things which collect together the natures that are filled, being secondary indeed to the former, but pervading to all the divine orders, and these are faith, truth, love. But all things are saved through these, and are conjoined to their primary causes; some things indeed, through the amatory mania, others through divine philosophy, and others through theurgic power, which is more excellent than all human wisdom, and which comprehends prophetic good, the purifying powers of perfective good, and in short, all such things as are the effects of divine possession.

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Comment by Marcus Casadeus on September 15, 2012 at 2:46pm




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