Odin's Blog – August 2009 Archive (3)

The Inner Ruler

THE Cherokee say that “our first teacher is our own heart,” but unfortunately our western science has rewarded that teacher with very few apples.

Mainstream medicine still looks at the heart as only a mechanical pump.

That view is beginning to change. The Medical Community is being challenged to expand its thinking about human biology, health, and wellness.

Leading-edge research in holistic medicine, biophysics, bioenergetics, and frontier biology all… Continue

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Breath of Heaven

The August 5, 2009 NewScientist features 10 things about humans that science can’t yet explain. “We belong to a remarkably quirky species,” the article says, and “despite our best efforts, some of our strangest foibles still defy explanation.”

Among these supposed flaws are: blushing, laughter, teenagers, dreams, altruism, art, superstition—flippantly, even kissing and nose-picking are on the list.

At one point the writer demands: “what are they for?” Altruism:… Continue

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Neti Neti

The expression, neti–neti, literally means “neither this, nor that.” The first is the rejection of a separate self or ego. It is a rejection of fragmentation or split from universal spirit. It means in the wholistic multidimensional context that we are not just separate egos.

We can not ever be defined as being separate from spirit without… Continue

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