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Astrological correlates of the Great Invocation by J.Becerra

Astrological Correlates

of the

Great Invocation

By Jose Becerra

The Great Invocation ("third stanza”) was

revealed during the three spiritual Festivals of

1945. These three Spring Festivals were

observed on March 28 (Easter), April 27

(Wesak), and May 27 (Christ's Festival) at

17:46, 10:34 and 01:50 universal (Greenwich)

time, respectively.

The Great Invocation was first

communicated to Alice Bailey on April 17,

1945, that is, between the… Continue

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The A.A.Bailey books with some comparisons to the Agni Yoga H.Roerich by Michael.D. Robbins

The Alice A. Bailey Books – FAQ

With some comparisons to the Agni Yoga

Teachings by Helena Roerich

Michael D. Robbins

The books of DK and AAB are called the “Blue Books”. Eighteen of them are written by the Tibetan collaborating with AAB; five are written by AAB herself. One book, The Light of the Soul, which is an exegesis of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, was a shared effort in a different way; the Tibetan Master provided a translation of the ancient… Continue

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The initiations of Krishnamurti( an astrological biography).

The Initiations of Krishnamurti:

An Astrological Biography

(From the book of the same name by Phillip Lindsay © 2002)

Krishnamurti remains probably one of the most controversial figures of the twentieth century and has been the subject of several biographies, but none to date that has exhaustively treated the subject from an astrological viewpoint – as the above title indicates.

One of Krishnamurti’s (K) more well known associations is with that of… Continue

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Theosophy, HPB and the Secret Doctrine by Phillip Lindsay

Theosophy, HPB and The Secret Doctrine

Phillip Lindsay © 2002

The Theosophical Society was founded by the so-called Masters of Wisdom

or Hierarchy of Enlightened Being, through their amanuensis, H.P.

Blavatsky. Other names for them throughout history have been the Elder

Brothers, The Secret College and The Great White Brotherhood.

If it is difficult to accept the fact of their existence, ask yourself

the question, where do the Masters… Continue

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