Reading Lists - Getting Up To Speed


Reading Lists - Getting Up To Speed

Sometimes we want to learn a subject and always the hardest part is just getting the basics.

I had a recent experience here because I posted something that ended up showing that I was not even basically competent on the subject.  Rather than to feel guilty or upset over it I decided that perhaps a better way of handling it (as well as a number of other blind spots)  was to poll other members who have expertise in areas to give some idea of what books or other media is essential to getting a basic understanding.

One of the assumptions this site is built on is that of everyone being a genius at something.  We all have areas where we excel and can share knowledge.

If you feel that you have a good grasp on a subject and would like to share the writings that are needed for someone to have a basic understanding on the topic, please post your thoughts.

Please use the following format:

Topic (At the top. It describes the subject)

Name of book (site, magazine article, etc.)


Brief description of why item is important.

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References and Introductions - college level text books on Theosophy and Western Esotericism

Started by John. Last reply by John May 31, 2013. 4 Replies

Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke (2008), The Western Esoteric Traditions, Oxford University Press Good College-Level intro. Course book.Continue

Tags: Theosophy, Esotericism

Indian Philosophy

Started by John. Last reply by Joe Fulton May 10, 2013. 8 Replies

I bought this book in 1985 and have recently "found" it in my book shelves. It was the book used at the University of California, Berkeley by their Philosophy department (at that time).A Sourcebook…Continue

Tags: Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, theosophy, Indian Philosophy

Total Beginner Salad Bar (and cheap)

Started by John. Last reply by John Jul 9, 2012. 2 Replies

The Pocket classics series of Shambhala Books is a very quick, cheap, no frills selection to consider.some are listed below. They have more than these. I find these very useful. At work. Bedside.…Continue

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Comment by David Eberhardt on January 14, 2012 at 4:50pm

Joe! Thank you for your time and work. This is what I love about the TS. There is broader range of subjects shared in the TS than anywhere else where I have been. At the TS in Atlanta, Georgia, Judge Bakshi introduced me to my favorite book, Jaideva Singh's edition if the Siva Sutras. I have literally worn to pieces several copies of that book and began studying Sanskrit to learn it better. The first time I visited the TS in 1972, Ruth Stillman was leading a ladies prayer group that she let me sit in on. I asked her who she was praying to. Ruth explained to me that at the highest level of our consciousness, we are God. That was a radical adjustment to my psyche's posture. That simple statement explained to me the highest meaning of the monistic passages that had stood out to me as I studied the meaning of the Bible from Hebrew and Koine texts with grammars and lexicons since I was eleven. At the TS I learned terms that clarified realization that was already becoming apparent, advaita and absolute monism and their implications. I was introduced to the overwhelming beauty and wisdom of the Tao, Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads, Dhammapada, Yoga Sutras, and much more. At the TS I have also met friends who took positions opposite to mine. There are endless valuable subjects worth learning. There are few of endless teachings and teachers who can convey understanding of important things. I hope that some of them contribute to this group. I want and need to gain a concise mastery of many subjects. I have been incompetent at some things until meeting a teacher who conveyed competent teaching. There might be a few of interest to some that I can share or direct to concise mastery.  Thank you again and best wishes.

Comment by Martin Euser on January 14, 2012 at 2:47pm

Topic: integral approach to religion, spirituality, science, economy and philosophy

Name of site: Society in evolution

Author: various authors, including myself

Brief description: wiki with links to many different theosophies, including my own process-theosophy which contains the bridge between science and spirituality; many studies on symbolism in sacred scriptures (Massey, Kuhn); basic refutation of reductionism and naive realism; chapter outlines of the agenda on a new economy; and the psychology of the human mind and the thought process; death and the afterlife.  

Comment by William John Meegan on January 14, 2012 at 1:21pm


This work was written in 1948.  It theme is that the Galactic Empire was too large and self-destructing, which it was calculated would take 30,000 years to go into decline and climb back up to high civilization.  A mathematician name Harry Seldon a mathematician devised a plan to rehabilitate the galaxy in a thousand years.

I had read this trilogy long before I started my quest for knowledge of the Esoteric Science.  I have found that the ancient esoterists had a similar idea of speeding the process of transmutation of the soul/psyche by codifying the teachings of the esoteric science to world literature.


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