Many of us have pets, and if you are anything like me, you probably enjoy repeating a story or two once in a while. Share, compare and enjoy!

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Great idea about the discussion. People who have pets knows that there many things animal do and we know much less about. I never knew before that cat's tail is a communication tool for other that show Its mood. I read a book called "Fur Shui" it is a Feng Shui of the feline creatures. Now I know a lot more about what exactly cat do with the energies flow, what that they said with a cat tail move "language"(which is some sort of  combination between silence language and a Morse code. Pretty cool, to know your pet spiritual moments. As much I exploring my mind with a year I have a cat that I though I knew, with many new wow's on deeper level  than I thought about cats before, even being a cat person all my life. In that book also talks about dogs, fish, bird and mice. All about the energetic field we can do at home with great help of our four legging friends and companions. It is easy to do. My Star responded almost immediately. Now it is part of her daily fun.  She is like a powerful transmitter. When I pet her with  a Reiki hand positions I feel that energy. And when I am not home alone or in sort of commotions she will be continue producing good energy and balancing the flow, like a air purifier does air.



Hi, Olga;  This is very interesting.  I'm going to look for that book.  I read somewhere that a cat's purr vibrates at a frequency that generates bone growth.  I have no other source for that, so for the time being,  I take it at face value, but it is interesting to me that while I recovering from a broken ankle, my cat preferred to sit right beside my injured foot and purr.  He spent more time there than was typical of him, preferring to get off by himself and get some serious snoozing accomplished.  It was an interesting experience. 

I have wondered if cats are able to see auras or some form of the subtle energies.  I too have noticed my cats looking at things that I cannot see, or at least they seem to be looking at something.

You mention the tail as a communication tool. One thing I learned early in life is that when a horse swishes their tail a certain way, the rider will become airborne promptly  :   )  

As we speak I am doing proven daily exercise. She is sleeping on the sofa curled up. I call her a few special words, other than  here, kitty, kitty, etc. I am addressing to her compliments, saying how beautiful and fantastic she is. Prior to that I am specially absorbed her while I told the same words on the phone to my friend, and she didn't react at all. But when speaking to Star I am not physically close to her and not move towards her direction, a tail pooling out of a fur ball with gesture "hello, I heard you what's up?" The tail is mellow and moving slow in a beat  like 1 - 1-2 -1 - 123 -1-2-1-1. And if I speaking to her for 5 minutes, still she won't changing a position and continue to respond with a tail, carry on a conversation. She is very unusual creature. She is not meowing, her voice is unique like some type of electronic toy. I cannot express in words other than I teach her to say mama, while feeding. She does very well. Other words sound is: my mama and if there is not a dinner time she said: o' well. My friends literally shocked when heard her talking. Star doesn't like to talk much. Never loud and annoying. There is a lots more inside that little head of hers. Her favor game is  to run underneath sheer curtain like under the cape thinking she is invisible. She inspired me to write a children story about the cats, idea is new and story not similar with any other there so far. I never wrote a fiction before. Will try, for fun, and see what happens.

Great idea Heidi!


:  )

he he

Hope you had a good pampering session Jon!

Mid-trip puppies; how sweet is that!

I have a visual of you cruising down the road, in a van with all those pets, and then babies, and I just hope someone remembered to bring the paper towels and the Windex ?

Awwwww....  so sweet!

Such a cute babies! What kind are they?


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