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"Do we live inside a mathematical equation?   see article here

Note: Starting around 1970 with the famous experiment by Clauser et..al.  The wall between Philosophy, Math, and Physics was breached. It has not been the same ever since.

(Tao od Physics; Dancing Wu Li Masters were written by members from this group e.g.)

The "Fundamental Fysics Group" was important in this development; returning to the more metaphysical origins of early Quantum Mechanics whose spirit had been lost. Eastern Metaphysics was commonly explored during the initial foundational developments.

Physics actually has quit dealing with particles; everything is only vibrations in several fields existing in all time and space. Gravity fields, EM fields etc They unfortunately use the term "particles" in the media, which many scientists have often complained about. There are no such things as particles.

It all is only consciousness.

all this is that, all that is this.

As above so below; as below, so above.

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Theism and deity worship are projections of the human virtual reality. But true Reality is monistic and infinitely intelligent. Yeshua and other Jewish mystics of his era like Honi the Drawer of Circles and Hanina ben Dosa prayed to the non-existent but very real Abba, which was misunderstood by Greek Christians to mean Pater, "Father." The proto-kabalistic understanding would have been something like Father-Mother (Hebrew word Ab-"father" plus feminine ending -ba).

"Basilides and his true son and disciple Isidorus, assert that Matthew (the Evangelist) revealed to them certain secret doctrines which had been specially communicated to himself by Christ.

“There was a time when there was Nothing; nay, not even that ‘Nothing’ was anything of being, but barely and without reserve, and without any sophism, there was altogether Nothing. When I use the term ‘was,’ I do not mean to imply that this Nothing was [i.e. existed in time, for there was no time]. But in order to explain what I wish to set forth, I employ the expression "there was absolutely Nothing."

"When therefore Nothing was--no substance, no non-substance, no simple, no compound, no incomprehensible, no sensible, no man, no angel, no God--when there was nothing whatever of what is called by name, perceived by sense, conceived by the mind, but all, and even in a more refined sense than this, being put out of the question--then this Non-Existent God--without thought, without purpose, without counsel, without passion, without desire--willed to emanate a universe.

“I use the word 'willed' merely to express my meaning, as it was without thought, without sensation, without will, that this was done; and by 'universe' I do not mean the physical universe that developed afterwards and can be divided by latitude and longitude, but I understand by it 'the seed of the universe.' This ‘seed of the universe' contained the All within itself, just as the germ of the mustard-seed contains the root, the stalk, the leaves, the grain, with each containing again the rudiments of innumerable other things that grow out of it.

“Thus the Non-Existent God emanated a Non-Existent universe out of Non-Existence when he emanated the seed containing within itself the pleroma of the seeds of the universe.”   

In other words, according to the second-century Alexandrian school, the historical Yeshua taught the kabbalistic concept of an Eternal Unity that transcends time and existence. It is the root of all reality.



Duality is caused by the interpretation of QM. Interpretations are everywhere and at this point, after nearly 100 years, a wave only approach seems best. Also, the fact that the science (QM) only yields relations between events. The interpretation is the math itself. Nothing more is needed, as I see it.

Waves occur in spatial foams. 

They also can be thought of as vibrations (the atoms) interacting with each other exhibiting a global pattern of a (finite) number of vibrations (atoms). the point being that a compression wave (sound wave) can occur as a discrete set of objects. In water waves, both compression and transverse (moving up and down) waves occur together, yielding a circular motion within the wave. These can be used as a heuristic model with success. However, physics prefers a solution from the absolute fundamentals. That exists,

My lost point (pun) is that physics is basically finished from a unified field approach (there is none), but the unifying piece is the problem  that is clearly glaring out from the Metaphysics/Philosophy of physics, demanding to be found where consciousness begins, starts, and ends (w.r.t. physics). That will become/produce the unification since it is not unified from looking at pure physical notions.

I reserve the right to change my mind at any time.

I confess the points you mention lose me. Space-time points don't move anywhere when a field vibration passes by (possibly Gravity waves are the exception).


Thanks John.

Do these waves have universal form, e.g. sinusoidal, trochoidal or something else?

Do we measure these waves against a fixed baseline? What would happen if the baseline was changing continually too, as is perhaps suggested by the popular Hindu symbol of Swastika. Can we still call them waves?

Hi -

they are superpositions of sinusoidal waves. (in general, complex valued waves)

One has to remember that the piece moving is a wave in a specific field in the Standard model.

So  a harmonic oscillator is below:

(a Probability wave)

Note: the Red lines are pure Imaginary parts of the wave. The Blue lines the Real  part of the wave. The wave is the sum of the Imaginary part plus the Real Part. The Imaginary part cannot be measured. If would need a meter that read real + -  values, plus a meter to read the imaginary parts (never exists in reality. Very much required n the Math, though). Hence at a snapshot in time, one would see a actual values such as  y = 5  + sqrt(-7) the issue is the sqrt(-7) does not exist in the real world. (actual complex number would be y = 5 + i sqrt(7)

what moves is the field (pure mathematical object) for the specific particle.

typical wave packet follows:

Above: the red part one can measure. the blue is mixed and has Real and Imaginary parts mixed together.

light waves follows:

(E field only; circularly polarized)

help any?

Above is too technical. But the waves are typical "forms"

Struggling to keep up here, forgive me if I hit a foul ball, but haven't found a copy of Physics for Dummies.Do the non real waves have any relation to terrestrial magnetism? 

kind of depends on what you are ultimately after. Most of the phenomena w.r.t. earth's magnetic field can be handled without them (imaginary waves and fields). However, depending on the actual question, the answer could also be a "yes."

The questions usually asked on that phenomena allows one to ignore them. In reality - they are what makes it all work.

There is also a thing called state-space which is not real, but often mandatory to examine/view the question..


sorry for the vague answer.

If you do not understand what I said about points, then you could read some works of Leibniz or modern Leibnizians... or I might explain later. I did not say they have to move, but I see no reason why they could not--if points are monads/minds, then all is required that each point in infinite space (and not necessarily some specific version of space like you implied an example of, other than Euclidean/Cartesian,) be unique, i.e. it has a name or whatever, and one could switch these at any instant, i.e. they teleport. Moreover, lines are made of points, and you can translate & rotate lines. Of course, if one has to view material reality as separate from mental, the actual mechanisms & processes of how physics work are not known in detail, but that, such as your example, is just applied mathematics... well, on another level, when it is known, it will be pure mathematics, or it is an outline of that in mathematicist models.

"If you do not understand what I said about points, then you could read some works of Leibniz or modern Leibnizians... or I might explain later."

a link would do it.

On Amazon.com, Lulu.com, Smashwords.com, they're Mike Hockney, Michael Faust, Adam Weishaupt (current, not necessarily 1600s), Chad G Saliby (on The Internet Archive, archive.org, search books, not sites, for: creator:"C.G.S"), and Brothers Abaris, Cato, Malus, Spartacus. They laid the foundation for the final theory of everything.

With that (though I'm open to discussing further) I'll be leaving this and most groups again, and going back to more open discussion in the cluttered forum, where I made a new post in the science section with the links you asked for, John.

Dear David ,

 I agree with you , Teleology deals with the finer aspects of matter , the yogic siddhis are the same , people think that yogic siddhis are something to lay with and acquire , it is within everyone and is the way of life in the subtle realms , it is the the physics of the post body consciousness, and relates to ones knowledge and will , since actions are just that much once the body is not there , in fact Action on the earthy plane is only Knowledge and will in essence , bad knowledge makes for bad willing , it is simple .There are forms and distances post death , geometry is a prequisite and contained in the knowledge , failing which no forms will be perceived in the subtler regions which coexist with us and Geometry is explained by figures and numbers (ie.Mathematics ) so the validity still persists of these  post death .It is highly necessary to have intuitive knowledge of this science as they are integral to the understanding of the phenomenology of the senses . Teleporting , clairaudience , clairvoyance and instant materialization , dematerialization , bcoming big , becoming light, becoming small, etc are all just the major divisons which exploit the idea of nature contained in matter contained in the real idea of the forces which are collectively called shakthi - and in english they are probably known as GRavity, Electricity , Magnetism etc which as any sane person can intuit easily does not hold good in the subtler regions - it is variations of these enrgies that have sway like feelings, attraction and repulsion and lightness and heaviness, smallness and bignness, light and dark which we now call 'Attributes" and are just adjectives . LIke the girl is fair or the boy is fat !!. 

You can teleport matter through distance and time and through  objects , but its consistency is an act of will and knowledge , and the materials are the impressions of smell, taste, form,sound and feeling (touch) - not skin or blood or eyes etc . It requires an immense will which is subject to knowledge not as we are now where the will dictates knowledge !!!. there is an inversion when everything becomes physical from the laws of the universe.

Here is something that may bring smile to the faces of those overburdened with the supremacy of mathematics and logic over other systems. Lee Smolin in his recent work Time Reborn, writes:

Stephen Hawking asked, in A Brief History of Time, “What is it that breathes fire into the equations and makes a universe for them to describe?” Such utterances reveal the absurdity of the view that mathematics is prior to nature. Math in reality comes after nature. It has no generative power. Another way to say this is that in mathematics conclusions are forced by logical implication, whereas in nature events are generated by causal processes acting in time. This is not the same thing; logical implications can model aspects of causal processes, but they’re not identical to causal processes. Logic is not the mirror of causality. Logic and mathematics capture aspects of nature, but never the whole of nature. There are aspects of the real universe that will never be representable in mathematics. One of them is that in the real world it is always some particular moment. So one of the most important lessons that follow once we grasp the reality of time is that nature cannot be captured in any single logical or mathematical system


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