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Why We Can't Remember the Future

Reference: Why We Can't Remember the Future excerpt:"The researchers argue that this extra ingredient is something they call generality. Th…

Started by John

3 Jul 20, 2014
Reply by John


2014 American Physical Society meeting. What's hot... APS April Meeting Snapshots

The following 1 page article is a simple examination of leading issues in Science. It is a good intro/overview. 1. Universe Expansion (Dar…

Started by John

0 May 2, 2014


Vacuum Energy (Zero Point Energy) Cancels-out in General Relativity

Zero-Point Energy Negligible in Cosmological Constant Note: The sea of virtual particles bubbling in a vacuum occur due to Quantum Electr…

Started by John

0 Mar 15, 2014


No Quantum Black Holes Detected at LHC

There were no signs of a Black Hole being produced at LHC (as feared by some people) Links: Synopsis Abstract Paper

Started by John

0 Mar 11, 2014


Dr. Sanjay Gupta - Weed

Dr. Gupta apologized to the country about his mistaken impression on Medical Marijuana (not useful). His CNN documentary below is a compell…

Started by John

1 Nov 13, 2013
Reply by John


Study: Stress Shrinks the Brain and Lowers Our Ability to Cope with Adversity

Stress at work - again. #1 problem in Humanity  (MHO).... How to Prevent Stress from Shrinking Your Brain | Psychology Today and -- Stu…

Started by John

0 Oct 26, 2013


Nobel Prize (Physics) goes to the Higgs Theory (1964 papers)

  from APS (American Physics Society):   The 2013 Physics Nobel Prize has been awarded to François‎ Englert (Universite Libre de Bruxelles)…

Started by John

0 Oct 8, 2013


fMRI->brain activity. So do we differ from a fMRI on dogs? no...

  dogs and fMRI's My first thought was it may be a joke. the video was great! video     John so, what does a Cat think. Maybe a paper -…

Started by John

0 Oct 6, 2013

Knowledge, is it true?

What is truth? A singuler question. What are truths, they are multiple questions. Does one question bring on one answer or multiple answers…

Started by Paul lee James

2 Sep 25, 2013
Reply by Paul lee James


"NIH Committee Releases Interim BRAIN Initiative Report"

I am adding the Presentation Below: (Link follows) (   This is ju…

Started by John

0 Sep 18, 2013


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