I bought this book in 1985 and have recently "found" it in my book shelves. It was the book used at the University of California, Berkeley by their Philosophy department (at that time).

A Sourcebook in Indian Philosophy

(Princeton Press)

It appears to be available at Amazon.

(added 3/1/2013)


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Yes John I have heard about this book ,Though I have not had the opportunity to read it , I have read his Mahabharata in English when I was much younger, and some other smaller works of his . He was amongst many other things a wonderful President for the country being a philosopher too . It was a rare combination .

Indian Philosophy in two volumes as well as The Philosophy of the Upanishads is also available from archive.org.

There is a good introduction to Indian Philosophy here.

Hello Emmanuel,

Please click on the link below:


Once you are on the page click on the word Djvu in blue fonts in the left pane. The book will open.

I just added the Contents of A Sourcebook in Indian Philosophy

p.s. The belief in the "Aryan Invasion" is rather optional. I take the same side as Sri Aurobindo -- it is totally wrong.

Actually - the Aryan "peoples" (N. Europe) seem to have more Neanderthal mixed in the gene-pool that any other group/continent. This is currently still being investigated since genetics is still expanding its experimental techniques.

If one looks at the Aryan supremacists in the USA, it is easy to believe. <g>

A very good short introduction to the Indian Philosophy is available here. Sadly the version on the net does not summarizes Yoga Philosophy separately but includes it in the Samkhya System. Rest of the summaries are very well written. Several of the concepts about KARMA are clarified ( it is not a binary system, effect is inbuilt into cause and therefore one etc.)


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