What do you live for?

I'm hoping to hear from you all about the things you value, about the things you couldn't imagine your life without. It can be anything. I don't wish to challenge anyone's beliefs here, just take a poll of where the community stands.

So, to reiterate, what do you keep breathing for?

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Nice Seth!  I had this question floating on my mind for quite a while... I even wrote out a page on paper on what Drives me, what keeps me going, what I live for, what I breathe for... this is deep! And I know that once we can answer this question fully for ourselves, there is no stopping that divine purpose we have.. This is a goal that I learned a long time ago from Napoleon Hill called Definiteness of Purpose... having that there's nothing that you can't accomplish!  I have to dig out that paper now, and see what has changed, I know for a fact there is nothing like introspection to bring out the real you!

I want to share what drives me but first I want to share a video from someone that I've been following for a few years, and I've seen him from the bottom (a nobody) to somebody that has reached success(not just monetarily but a personal success defined by his idea of what success really is).. and honestly I can see and relate to most of his life.. I made a habit of tailor fitting his messages to what applies to me... If he says school or anything else and I'm not thinking school I insert the words work, relationships, spirituality, personality, mood or attitude etc., you get the idea... His method of delivery is rather "raw" so some people might take the form of speaking differently (depending on culture) but it doesn't change the message...

Listen and Concentrate:

I'm with you on this one Seth... and everyone should answer: What drives you?! What do you live for?! What's your WHY?

  "Longevity has it's place, but I'm not concerned about that now, I just want to do Gods will" MLK

This was a great quote by MLK you had shared PS. I also liked the video too. Yeah, this question was a really great question but also a very hard one to even put into words on how to answer it though. However, your response to Seth's post was very encouraging and uplifting at the same time too though. 

Loved it!  I'm feeling it!  :-)

This is one of those questions where I go nearly speechless on. I am still working on a reply. Tough.

I have decided that caring about ones immediate family and pets is first. Second is a caring concern for others.

I believe in the "The Christmas Carol" there is a statement that is something like: the primary concern of Humanity is Humanity.

Yeah, what John said.  I could babble on, but basically the people in my life (my 2 boys, my sister & parents, and others I care about) and my interests in things metaphysical and spiritual are the two things I care the most about.  The rest is just ornamental or a means to an end.   

 breath goes on, whether I like it or not

 I care about people, not about things

Hi Seth!

would you care to add your thoughts?

Focusing ones mind and heart on others is the will of God for us. I see where I was lost, focusing my mind on myself instead of God first. It's so easy to be lost in ones self and ones problems. With that said the word (love) comes to mind as does caring from  others. The word (I) seems to be detramental to me now. I am driven to make people laugh instead of cry, happy instead of sad, finding a purpose in their life as I have found in mine, love others and you will find your true purpose. Paul


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