Yes, Something About the Full Moon Affects Sleep

In this rather odd piece from Science News Kids there is a description of the effects that the full moon has on sleep patterns and it's not good.

It seems that the full moon in this case caused the test subjects to take longer to get to sleep and that the overall period of sleep was about 20 minutes less.

As always in cases like this it seems that Morgan Freeman has the right attitude. "I have lots of questions."

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Gravitational pull? You know whats strange too is the increase in some persons psychic state.. and I mean that psychologically --> there's no real proof that it alters the mind (at least I don't think there is) but during full moons it seems people behave differently and any police officer can tell you that they have increased crime rates during full moons.  The sleep thing I can't relate to lol I don't sleep as much as most people (must be a full moon everyday in my world)

Luna = Moon
Lunatic = Crazy Moon Person
Moonstruck = Struck by the moon into fantasy

Something about the moon is powerful... there's probably over 3 dozen words that mix moon into it that's used commonly


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