I wonder if anyone wants to discuss Wilhelm Reich.

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It would be interesting, yes! :-)

Would you consider writing a few lines of introductory text on the topic. Many of us may not be familiar with name.

I believe Reich did "discover" this energy.  He said that he didn't discover it.  People all over the world have known about it for centuries.  He said that he wanted to make it usable. 

I have noticed that researchers over the years who have tried to seriously study this energy have gotten into big trouble.  Reich, Reichenbacher, Mesmer and others encountered violent opposition and are jailed, discredited, forced to give up their work, and so on.  

 Hi, friends!!!

 Wilhelm Reich was aware of the social and political importance and implications of this investigation. This made him more dangerous. His booklet "Listen, little man" is impressive.

I cannot understand why Reich's work has not become more accepted by now.  His therapy is wholistic, drugless and very effective.  His planetary view is much the same as the Ghia Hypothesis.  

Reich is an interesting figure on the historical landscape who has often been inappropriately maligned (in my opinion) and terribly misunderstood.  I offer psychotherapy primarily from his teachings and writings and I have also written a study about what it is like to be a patient in orgonomic (Reichian) therapy.  The introduction contains a summary of Reich's personal history and his theory.  The study was published by the Journal of Psychiatric Orgone Therapy (www.psychorgone.com).  If you are interested, you can download the e-book for free here: http://www.psychorgone.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/book.pdf or click on the link that I attached to this post.


There are many good resources, books, and articles about Reich and also many that grossly misinterpret his teachings and theory.  I'm happy to know that people here have an interest in Reich!


I agree completely that Reich explained in rational terms what is usually handled by mystics.  



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