Found a fine discourse on "what is truth?"

EXCERPT: Today, the correspondence view of truth is being brought into doubt by certain postmodernist philosophers who claim that the quest for an objective truth that is describable through language is part of the discredited project of modernism, an over-confident approach to knowledge stemming from enlightenment rationalism. Therefore, statements about scientific facts, religious realities, or moral principles cannot be known to refer to objective states of affairs. On the contrary, language is contingently constructed through communities; it cannot transcend its own context and refer to realities outside itself.

A thorough analysis of this postmodernism assault on truth would take us beyond the limits of this essay, but a basic critique of i...See more
This essay explores the nature of truth in relation to our postmodern setting. Groothuis advances the correspondence view of truth, explain its importance to Christians, and defend it several rivals.

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The theosophical view of the "kaw oif corerespondence" says: "what is above so is below". This voiew does not support the "c orrespondence: that the author refers to as being the basis for truth. If one applies this law, saying Jesus is Lord fials to [rove its declaration because Jesus being Lord does not correspond to anything "above" since it is merely a claim in the Bible. Some philosophers (e.g.,m NIetsche) slaims that the rock was rolled form the tomb of Jesus by his followers so they can claim that he ascended to heaven - which is another unsupported claim. When Salman Rushdie questioned the ascencion of Mohammed to heaven, he was declared a fugitive by Islamists who vowed to kill. If Jesus and Mohammed claim the same ascension, and the Christians question the ascension while the Muslims claim vice versa, which of the two is true? Or are both false - since both are not objectively verifiable?


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