The Seer of thy sight thou shalt not see; the Hearer of thy ear thou shalt not hear; the Thinker of thy thoughts thou shall not think; the Knower of thy knowledge thou shalt not know- this is thy Real Self, all-pervading, everything besides is but mortal.


What could be more pertinent than understanding that all-pervading Something alluded to in the quote? What could be a matter of more consequence? Basic necessities aside, what could have a greater impact on our quality of life? It seem so clear to me that all of our problems stem from ignorance of what that Something is. Is this wishful thinking on my part, or is it routed in reality?

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Our views are all in all pretty similar, my only thing is, how can it be said there is no experiencer? To me that seems as absurd as saying that two plus two equals five. One simply has to reflect on the fact that they're conscious, that they can think or feel or speak, and they'll realize that there is an illusive experiencer within them always looking out, always the subject, never the object. How can the reality of that internal spark fit into the framework of "there is no experiencer"? It seems illogical to the facts of our existence to me.

From my (very limited and unlearned) understanding of Buddhism, it was assumed within all of Buddha's teachings that there was a "THAT" underlying everything, but because of its nature it was impossible to truly explain this "THAT", and thus was never really spoken of, although it was one of the fundamental building blocks of the whole system of thought (as well as most Indian philosophical systems of thought). This "THAT" is the same thing as the undefinable experiencer within each and every one of us.


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