To understand the latest in thought regarding Artificial Intelligence (AI) it is essential to understand Game Theory. Basically, (Game Theory - see article) it is an attempt to understand decision making in situations involving conflict.

In terms of Theosophy, this is a method of quantifying behavior and discovering the underlying mechanisms behind human nature. What Buddhists and others may have said using Sanskrit may not fly in our culture when presented by someone who is non-Buddhist. Therefore we have to frame in terms of our audience and what they're capable of understanding.

In this sense, the Prisoner's dilemma is a gateway into a number of scenarios, especially regarding the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI). This "game" figures prominently in the formation of ethical models for computers and other devices and their ability to act as independent agents.

Here is a very interesting link to a website dedicated to the Prisoners Dilemma allowing you to play the game for yourself.


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The prisoners dilemma is - in short that if there are two guilty prisoners, who had worked together, and the only evidence is their testimony - and they're going to be interviewed separately.

If both don't talk - neither will be put in prison. So it's in their best interest to not talk.

BUT if only one talks, that one gets a low sentence, while the other one gets a high sentence. If both talk, they both get the maximum sentence.

So while it is in their best interest not to say anything, if they don't talk while the other one DOES talk, they will end up with the maximum sentence.
A perfect example of how fear dominates society eh?


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