A religion of ancient Egypt governed by the Great Ennead-- the nine Gods of ancient Egypt--- space visitors called themselves the NINE--- Is this Stargate opening? Is the pyramid of Giza holding secrets yet to be discovered?


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You really would be surprised.There was a comprehensive de-bunking done on Adamski and others.Indeed there has been a reppraisal.Timothy Good has written some good stuff on Adamski and others.I am not aware of Nick Redfern`s reexamination I will look into it.

Have  a look at Gerard`s website


Thanks for the link. It looks like fascinating reading, but I don't have time to delve into it just now.

I checked on Timothy Good and see he co-wrote a book, "George Adamski; The Untold Story." It's $74.95 on Amazon, out of price range for most people. Surprisingly, I found it at the L. A. Public Library, where I live, and put a hold on it to have it sent to my branch. I'll be interested to see what new evidence Mr. Good dug up on Adamski, for I've read some of Good's works in the past and he's an excellent researcher.


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