I thought the twenty fifth anniversary of the Lotus Temple might be of interest....There's a virtual tour and some other information here:


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The Lotus Temple is a great landmark and tourist place in New Delhi, particularly because it makes New Delhi look so lovely from the aircraft, especially in night with its beautiful lighting. However, during my several visits there, I found that most people who visit are expecting some idol or deity inside the  hall to whom they can direct their prayer, as in their minds that is what a Temple should have. Most continue to talk in spite of several notices telling them to observe silence. I hope sometime the temple managers will consider the visitor education programme.

Any particular reason for posting about the event after it has happened? 

Thank you my friend for your post!...I envy your visiting the Lotus Temple..I have a few friends who have visited the Temple and have long had an interest in it. When I heard that they were having a twenty fifth anniversary I was enthusiastic about and wanted to share my excitement.. unfortunately I did not post this earlier on the forum..please forgive me!


From what I understand the House of Worship is set up so people can explore it for themselves..unless there is some sort of program going on..there is a visitor's information center on the grounds set up to respond to inquiries..The general purpose is here described:




Some of the ideas of the Baha'i Faith I've found are in harmony with Theosophical ideas..

Happy Anniversary.


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