The JREF (James Randi) Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge


If anyone could really prove "paranormal" phenomenon, do you think they would even come to challenge, and for the money!? 

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P.E.A.R. (Princeton) came up with solid correlations. However, one can always find something "unacceptable".

Some of the arguments (Debunking) against "Fringe" effects, and phenomena, can be more astounding and incredulous than the phenomena they claim is false. That is what is so fascinating.

One has to remember that professional Skeptics are a Religion in their own right. Their Belief system is very firmly held.


When the group folded there was a great quote that they could continue forever, and people would refuse to accept any results regardless of how data was created/collected and analyzed. That was in APS News. I may try to look it up.

I have to disagree that there is no evidence of paranormal phenomena and no one has come with any reproducible experiments proving such. Nothing could be further from the truth. The evidence and experiments are too voluminous to list here.

For starters, though, one need only to peruse the works of eminent parapsychologists Dr. Charles Tart and Dr. Dean Radin to find otherwise. They are countless other investigators to cite. I also recommend a site, DebunkingSkeptics that does an excellent job of rebutting the reductionists/materialists pseudo skeptics:


In regards to James Randi, he has been exposed as a fraud and his so-called "challenge" a big lie. I won't take up too much space and time here, and let these three articles speak for themselves. Together, they thoroughly dismantle Mr. Randi and his "Psychic Challenge."


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