India has a long history of poetry in Sufi tradition. These are mostly in Urdu language, which is a mix of Hindi and Persian. I recently heard a poetry written by the distinguished poet Nida Fazli and sung beautifully by the Late Jagjit Singh. One of the couplets caught my attention:
Ghar se masjid bahut door hai chalo yun kar len
Kisi rote huey bachche ko hansaya jaaye.
Literally translated it would read as:
The mosque is very far from my home, so while traveling,
Let us try to bring a smile on the face of a crying child.
In the Sufi tradition it could also mean:
The pursuit of truth is meaningless unless,
One devotes the life to the service of humanity.
Perhaps there is a lesson in it for all of us.

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Excellent!!  The purpose of being human may well be to learn compassion. To  learn to love and care for others, even those we don't know or those we may not wish to know.  The last quote could also be stated: The pursuit of truth is meaningless unless one can put it into practice.   Truth does not live in a vacuum...............


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