Hi all,

I thought you might want to get the update on what one can do to avoid Swine Flu - or cure it if you do get it: http://www.squidoo.com/preventing-swine-flu.
It's a pretty comprehensive overview, by a doctor.

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I guess you missed the memo - the ES now is as much a Leadbeater as a Blavatsky thing, from what I've heard. But that would not change the advice on this sort of thing. Now that I think on it, I do remember conversations with ES members on this, and they did specify very specific rules on alcohol and things. I was already a vegetarian, so I didn't focus on that. I guess you're probably right.
Keep repeating: It's the flu. It's the flu. It's not the Black Death!
Oh, I think the panic is quite gone by now, isn't it? The Dutch media aren't spending much energy on this anymore at all - quite clear that modern medicine is able to cure this for most people that don't recover on their own.
It's still the flu.


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