What stresses you?

What triggers the stress?

How quickly do you realize you are under stress?

How do you handle it?

If you have a successful stress reduction technique that others may find useful, please tell us about it.

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I do get stressed easily and quite often.

I notice it when I can feel my blood pressure going up as slight ache occurs at the right shoulder. At other times there is a feeling of acidity in the stomach suddenly.

The sure trigger is when I see a terminally ill cancer patient in pain, for which I am unable to do anything and I cannot run away from the situation. I have to sit and talk. It is actually the realization that my talk is useless, which I figure is the real trigger. I get stressed in other situation too, like when I see people in avoidable heated arguments, fighting, road rage etc.

Most effective solution that works for me is sleep.

I also spend five minutes everyday doing "trikonasana' which keeps my blood pressure under control without medications. However I make no recommendations about it.


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