My entire life and yours are lessons.

I found it interesting and psychologically

understanding our life as a lesson, I find the harder aspects in our life are easier to understand, and deal with it.


I say learned over educated, for what I have actually seen, done , witnessed and occured to me taught me more then any school of thumb could. You can read a book and quote it,

perhaps know it like the back of your hand, but you dont know it, for you havent lived it.



 I am confident without arrogance, humility is where I find most esteem for the value of humility, but ive been asked on occassions when I share wisdom how did I become so Wise ? That is fairly simple, I have screwed up alot, and learned my lesson.


There are no mistakes, unless lessons arent learned. People ask me, why me, Why did this happen to me, I said asking the wrong question, ask why not you ? And was there anything you could have done to prevent it ?

It is but a lesson in our lives, and whether obvious at that time, there is a lesson somewhere for someone. Sometimes our life lessons might not even be for us.


I have suffered much strife and pain in my life,

victim of abuses as a child, but even now I tell you, its not the what, or where, but its the how we get through this... How we pulled ourselves up and make ourselves move on.

From all the horrid events in our lives we have a choice to better or worse because of them.


We can be survivor or Victim, or warrior...


I have learned much through studying psychology, philosophy, but really, I wouldnt understand much of it, if I hadnt lived a life , I could correlate it to.


Education does help us, but learned is far more valuable, and when we are talking about ourselves as spiritualists, or more then just being a body with a brain, learned is essential.


So in the end, Learned is what I covet more so, then educated....


Thanks Devilwoman aka Tammy

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Hi Tammy,

You broach a good point. Lesson vs listen?  Experience vs Education? Education = example?  Learn from experience rather then academic?  To experience an instance as opposed to hearing about it does make a greater impact in our lives. Most people do learn better from those life experiences that were extremely challenging. However I find it just as well to learn from other peoples experiences. "To see is to know."  I can fully imagine it in my mind and experience the emotion and learn from that and not have to have lived through it. If you are fortunate to have a wise instructor you may gain valuable insight that you do not have to physically experience to learn from.  I also consider our lessons as challenges in life. To be educated from the acedemic perspective also gives some insights to life as much as the book of 'hard nocks'.  They say "those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it". So if you learned what was taught to you, you did not need to experience it to learn it. I say take it easy and learn from others. Learning is in the brain.  sincerely, Cindy

As far as academic education goes ...

Many academic subjects are intentionally made harder to understand in order to create failure.

BIG LIES permeate almost every subject of academics. The bigger the lie, the more difficult it is for people to believe it is a lie. Unless you learn to think beyond the superficial books and lessons sanctioned by the powers that be, your mind will be buried in lies when you go to your grave.

As far as choice ...

Unless you learn to think outside the box and overcome the matrix, you only have the choices that the powers that be want you to have. You only have the crippled mind that the powers that be want you to have. You have to push your mind to think outside the box.

As far as horrid events ...

You have to push your mind to understand things on a much larger scale. unless one overcomes the big lies, this becomes impossible to do and you have made choice to live in the matrix.

the hidden power structure that rules this planet have already made decisions about your life and other peoples lives that are set in cement. they have very dark agendas for humans.

the vast majority of the human population have strong sociopath tendencies. their circle of caring is very small. sociopaths have no problem living a lietruth has low importance in their world. this essentially seals the fate of the general population to whatever the rulers decide. their nature seals their fate to repeat history.


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