I wanted to post a link to this view giving a different viewpoint on the Law of Attraction, etc., and other recent ideas and popular movies relating mystic/esoteric and quantum mechanics subjects. I have not got around to watching the movies yet but still plan to. I doubt I will believe much/anything in the movies because of ideas like this. I think Katinka did a blog post on The Secret in the last year or so and had a skeptical conclusion too... but I would have to re-read her post to recall (if I or anyone re-reads it maybe the link could go below....)


The whole link was not showing up, but the title is 'Where Physics And Mysticism Don't Meet.'

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I tried to log on and post on that site, here is my take on the whole quantum wantum house of straw.
So which trajectory is the speed of light?
The wave, the particle, or the spin?

No this is all bunk. E=MC2, if M=0 then E=0.
High energy anything is higher mass than low energy anything.
Matter can't travel at C; a photon is not matter. It cannot be a particle. It has particle attributes sure. It can not be a wave in and of itself. It has attributes of a wave. Attributes of a wave and attributes of a particle? It is clearly an aggregate of simpler stuff.


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