What is truth? A singuler question. What are truths, they are multiple questions. Does one question bring on one answer or multiple answers? Can any question be a valid question demanding a valid answer? Under the name of science is the statement (knowledge). There are many knowledges, which one describes all the rest? Does one word bring one answer or many answers? Because many people see the answers many different ways.

When Aristotle was questioned by a student he immediately knew the student was't sure about the lesson. So he Aristotle changed the original student's question to one he (the student) would understand. Can a group all understand one question equally, it seems they cannot. Can one person understand one answer many ways, the answere is yes. Then it is possible for a singuler person to answer for a group and vice versa. 

The word truth is a bogus word, Why, because it's used as a question and all questions must be answered. Can the word truth be used as a statement like (truth, yes it is the absolute truth without question). With philosophy absent. Paul

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I have preferred the definition that says "Truth is that which does not change."

so, Math and Physics fit there nicely (even going back a few centuries). The interpretation, and experience, of Truth is another matter.

To make things worse (kind of) is that facts can rather change on you. Facts are seen through mind, but how mind sees the fact can vary. I know many times, I believed in a Fact, and it turned out that what I thought was True, was a fact (not True) that was very different after more was known. Facts which are experiences can also change. Likewise, a belief may change, even if it was derived from an experience based on Facts.

The above may sound like dribble, but that dribble took some serious time to discover.

I suppose the rule is to keep that which has never changed. That is the only belief you have a basis to believe. For now, anyway.




 Excellent reply. Thank you. Paul

P.S. Thought, if one seeks truth righteously then I want to believe it will happen.


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