Does it even work and can they really be integrated?

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of course all this is my perspective (my opinion), and none of it meets the "proof" bar established by science.

You may be right that some religions are reaching out to science.

Although - it is not an integration as much as an acknowledgement that both exist

see this article from the New York Times:

More Pastors Embrace Talk of Mental Ills

"Our universe (and everything in it) came from 1 thing (exploring what 1 thing means can be very interesting)"

for the sake of argument, this may be wrong.

of course it may be wrong. I would be completely surprised if it wasn't complete and total crap. I've never professed a special knowledge or anything like that.

it's just how the pieces seem to fit to me.

If I don't call as I see it, how will I ever see it differently (in this case differently represents more complete).

If I don't voice it and noone helps me to see where I'm misguided, I could live my whole life wasting the air I breath. My understanding of that, gives hell, and sin, a whole new meaning.

I fully admit, likely as not, my perspective is full of circular references, and every other thinking error you can make.

None the less, here I am, searching the internet for those that even care to think about such things, let alone exert the effort and time needed to communicate them.

From where I stand, Theosophy represents for spirituality what the unified theory is to science. Given the way things seem to work to me, that unification will happen within us first. Then we will be able to recognize it everywhere else.

I rather agree with you. Intuitively - it passes the first big test for rightness.

However - whether it is a unified field theory or a unified religion, it is all just faith when you get right down to it. I have gotten so I think that they may all be false hopes. I also think that it does not matter at this (my) stage of development anyway <G>.

Awesome! you beat me to my own punchline.

looking back in history there are times when evolution moved slowly, and times when it moved quickly. When we start looking into the details of the accelerated times, what we find is cooperation. The pieces of a thing come together in cooperation and become the thing. Our very bodies are the product of all the individual cells cooperating (illness can be viewed as a breakdown in cooperation). If the breakdown is severe enough you cease to exist as a whole.

If this is the "pattern" of life (it certainly seems to hold up to us), then what are we preventing from manifesting because of our refusal to cooperate with each other? What is becoming ill?

If you look at the elements that cooperation requires, the key piece that allows it to work is faith. We must have faith in each other for cooperation to work, and by extension evolution (as determined). So we are playing "God" with our own evolution.

So we have every religion (that I know of) preaching faith.

Science (the ultimate atheist) is desperately searching for something to have faith in.

Even the physical nature of our universe is built on it (or it's equivalent).

What this would mean is, the ultimate understanding that our atheistic science can provide us is to have faith. (thats a hoot!)

I mentioned an equivalent because there is another way for cooperation to work. The cells that make up our bodies, my first thought was that somehow they did not seem to have enough consciousness for cooperation. Then I realized it isn't their consciousness, it was their connection to consciousness that is so limited. So up to some critical mass the only thing that gets through are the most rudimentary "messages", there is no choice, they are determined.

Through a more robust connection to consciousness, awareness or perception emerge, as awareness grows, choices emerge (freewill), through the experiences of bad choices we begin to have faith in determinism and cooperation emerges. Faith is the dividing line between living, or experiencing a slow agonizing death (as a species). Without faith, it isn't cooperation that emerges, faithless freewill creates competition.

I certainly agree Faith has a lot to do with most everything. Also, cooperation is always the way to advance a civilization.

Science is funny since you get cooperation from both scientists and also reality. Having another scientist agree gives faith that what you are doing and seeing is real. The physical gives faith in that repetition, and repetition of results from alternative, or similar, experiments, gives the cooperation and faith needed to believe in your experience.

Science can (note the emphasis) develop religious beliefs and sects as well <G>. Though the catch is you can discredit the others with the right experiments. In fact, reality corrects the scientific error. Both the wrong and right can be shown definitively and separated out. Correct ideas never change. Sometimes they just find areas of imperfection, where new ideas get intertwined with the old. The old is still right, just in a limited domain. So it goes. Bridges will still be built using Newton's mechanics of statics - despite string-theory and whatever. Newton was right for that realm of bridge-building and how it works.


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