Inside the Middle East’s vanishing ancient religions

The following was posted by Somnath Guha Roy on the sister-group on FaceBook: Theosophical network.

(Boston Globe)

Inside the Middle East’s vanishing ancient religions

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Hi,,, what bothers me,in fact really bothers me,,,is young people are not interested at all,and havant the attitude to even listen or consider anything in a spiritual way,,ask "do you ever consider all the lives we take eating",,,"yer but i like it",, "a bacon sandwitch is the cure for vegiterians"  ,, not one thought is spent on considering the question,,theosophy sounds like another load of religion to them,and they are much too lazy to even consider religion these days (id consider this 95% of anyone under 40 i know,the other 5% are probably trying not to be rude and sit through it, untill they can get away,,even thinking is dying out,  never mind religion , thats what im finding,,stu

I agree. Theosophy does seem like a Religion. However, look at how the societies teach it. They are usually the first group who gets associated with the term. It is just hard to believe it is NOT a religion. This site is the first to get back to basics, and really favors no religion over the others (in principle). Neither do we have a Doctrine as required for right thinking.

The social media seems to propagate the idea that ideas can all be fully expressed by one-line statements and quick blurbs with little thought. It is rather destructive in a sense.

People don't like to think -- "it hurts" as Dr. Hoeller (a famous Gnostic) would say.

It is really sad. People do not want to work at understanding something with (or in) "depth".

Our young people are our yardsticks.

If our young people are acting out, it's because we created a society for them to grow up in that encourages it.

What if it doesn't matter which religion you interact with (once you take down the decorations, they are more similar than you might think), only that you get that exposure.

There have been studies that show that more choice leads to more discontent than fewer choices. The theory is, that if you only have a few choices, then you know more what to expect from each of them. So when your jeans don't fit just right, it's the manufactures fault, and you become content with your purchase.

If the choices are many, than you begin to expect more. Certainly given all those choices, 1 of them is perfect, and when you don't get perfect, you chose wrong, so it's your fault. Every time you interact with your imperfect choice, discontent grows.

That seems to me to fit what you describe

I think too few choices is most stressful.

Thanks for the info!  interesting take on the younger generation as well.


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