I have been doing research on the Illuminati, and various Brotherhoods for a track of thought in a book I am working on.  Recently I ran across a very brief reference to the Rosecrucian Illuminati, one I would consider a contender for what would constitute the [real] Illuminati ... it was in the Secret Doctrine.  A curious find.  Was wondering if this subject has come up before in Theosophical teachings, and if there is any Theosphical connection to, for or against it?  I have found some loose connections by way of the Brotherhood of the Serpent (or snake) which I already have found references for in Theosophy, as it has an implied reference to the wisdom behind the Serpent in the Garden of Eden.

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The illuminati have become associated with evil of late. The Secret Doctrine is just one of many of Alice Bailey's books and the White Brotherhood represented world peace, world love. . .I found no evil in any of her books nor do I recall the mention of the illuminati in her books. Be careful, sometimes stories become intertwined when they don't belong with each other


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