Today I am researching computers and social networks.

Jessica, I know is out there becoming a great Excel guru.

Paul Lee James is getting acquainted with meditation.

What are you looking in to or curious about?

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You might like Raja Yoga- aka, Mental Control. Its a combination of focusing and meditation (which are kind of the two sides of the same coin, if not the same-exact-thing altogether). Yogi Ramacharaka has written quite a few good books on a lot of different Yogic things that I really like, in case you're interested. And the only way to become a master of meditation is to set aside some time and actually practice. Meditation is not really an intellectual thing, it transcends our finite conceptions and words, therefore only experience itself truly does it justice. 

Hi Joe I am researching Ancient Egyptian, kabbalah and Theosophy and a Universal Language System and Hydrogen from water technology... You might want to download and install this app called FireChat and look for chatroom I made called Theosophy. You need an iPhone for FireChat





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