This is a rather interesting story of how the American economy and the concept of job security has eroded over the last 40 years.  It is also the story of how major corporations, who at one time valued the efforts and security of their workers have made the conscious decision to consider only the shareholder in their calculus of so-called "success".

This is something of a moral issue in that this is a commentary on how our society functions as a whole.  It shows how greed in one sector can really cause problems for others.  It also shows how the effects of a philosophy can radiate out and effect everyone.  In that sense it points to us and underscores the notion that our thoughts and beliefs affect the world around us, directly and indirectly.

Read Age of Crushing Anxiety: How the Bottom Fell Out in America on Alternet

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Late Samuel Huntington once nailed the current financial crisis on the rise of a class of shareholders during the 70's and afterwards which continually put pressure on the managements of the corporations to maximize profits. One example being that while everyone loves to criticize Monsanto, its stock continues to trade high. Same is true of several pharmaceuticals or mining companies. These shareholders are common people like us.


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