How do you prefer to see the forums on the front page?'s front page has changed several times, including what you see of the forums. I preferred to see a list of latest topics being discussed on the front page (not just to the side,) but now instead there is a list of all the forum areas. Anyone who really wants to see the forum areas can go to `forum' in the menu. What do you prefer to see on the front page: the topics or the forum areas?


I was going to change it back but want to know if there was some admin consensus about this, but more importantly, what all the members (admins and non-admins) think.


Maybe if the middle of the page showed topics, those could be omitted from the site news feed at the side. Even if that could not be done, I still think it would be better to have a list of latest topics instead of forum areas, but what do you think?

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Please allow a couple of days to respond, as it needs some thinking. But it is a good idea.

Hello David,


Please find the ideas in the attached gif file.


Thanks Joe and David.


The distinction I wass trying to make, was between "Blog Post" and "Discussion". In Discussion, one can attach files but in Blog Post one can not.

Moreover, many a times a newly added Discussion does not show up in the Latest Activities and the members miss that Discussion. Perhpas allocating seperate pane like Blog Post will help. Since a seperate pane is available only for Blog Posts, most members click there and begin a new Blog Post everytime, whereas many a times they should really intiate a discussion.



The Gems form the East section, if it could be converted into a tcker with text continuousl;y scrolling across may free some space as well as put it right on top. Many a times I have found the associated picture to be distracting. Gems are text and we may just leave it like that.  

Hi, fellows. I don't know if this is a private conversation between you folks in the Administration or if regular members are allowed to jump in. At any rate, my "two cents" is to leave the "Latest Acitivity" side panel alone, it's fine the way it is. Easy to see what the newest discussions, blogs, forums, and responses are.

As for the middle section of the "Main" page, do what you want with it. I rarely look there anyway.

I think it's very annoying not to see the latest threads that have been updated and added. The way it is now is definitely NOT something I like or would have advised or done. 


So if the question is becoming 'who done it' - not me and please change it back. 

David, I would like to give benefit of doubt to the people. It is not easy to visualize change and pre-decide whether it is good or not.

So, whatever changes you think should be done, please go ahead and do it. If too many people complaint, it can always be changed back.



What I meant that most of us cannot visualize a design element in our mind and decide whether it will be good or bad. But once it is presented in visual form, we are able to decide much better. So, those with ability to visualize shoould go ahead without waiting for comments from us. If we do not like, we will complain. And if you think our complaint is genuine you will chnage it back.


Design is such a subjective matter, it is dificult for two people to agree. Functionality is different.


I agree we may need another thread. Perhaps some more people with garphic or web design background may then chip in. How about holding a competition and we may give some prize based upon which design is voted to be the best. if we have specifications of functionality ready, We can perhaps get in touch with or for more advice.

Of the few I checked randomly from page that Joe recommmended, I have liked the colour scheme and the layout of the Latest Activity is on top left corner where normal left to right movement of eye will naturally look first, and is scrollable taking up lesser space. We could make our centre forum and blog post area scrollable too to save some space.


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