Thought of the day on greed:

‘We being growth oriented, greed is nothing other than a temporary misdirected attempt on our part to climb a ladder on an unsteady egoistic base; a fall after the climb being imminent and then one day when we realise that all the attainments proposed by the ego are both illusionary as well as ephemeral, we shift the fulcrum of our consciousness to our soul level on the firm foundation of the Universe and sublimate our desires into a mode of zestful meditation to entwine with the divine.’

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I have reached the top of the wall
And all I've found is another way to fall

"After you came" -- The Moody Blues

I think Greed comes in many forms. Your post covers economic and political power. Probably others as well. However, it seems like something is missing. I just seem to draw a blank on an example. 

I agree with the post and it is a good topic. It might be time for me to get my thesaurus out <g>.


There appears to be a form of "Group" Greed. Those who want their team /political party/fraternity/sorority/TS/race/...    and I think I could on quite a while.

The point is if they truly think that "They" lead directly to a guaranteed ladder top for the individual. The fall from the top of the wall is not individualized. It is a failure of the Group. Will they ever realize that they are just wrong to believe it is their act of joining a Group that is a problem with their own ego. 


Peace -



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