It seems like a good topic for discussion. Jung references Blavatsky and Besant a couple of times--mostly for bringing Eastern religious ideas to the West. But his work is teaming with investigations of Gnosticism, Hermeticism, alchemy, and all of the religions of the East. Freud was, of course, a bit one-sided, but he certainly made a great impact on the world, just by describing the subconcious. Thoughts?

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I don't feel that Jung's critics have been terribly successful in their attempts to label his findings "unscientific." Of course, we're talking about a very large body of work that covers a lot of ground. Though people in the scientific community tried to label him a "mystic," the more you read Jung, the more you see him always trying to bring all of his findings back to a medical and scientific basis. While Skinner's psychology is probably more "practical," and may result in a better financial situation, if that's what's necessary, Jung's psychology looks for a deeper happiness that has nothing to do with externals. If nothing else, his development of psychological types is of great value for those of us who have been discriminated against because of out introversion, which would probably not be so much of a problem in the East.
Also, archetypes and the anima and animus. Recently found an undergrad paper I wrote on Jung and Reincarnation in 1981, and am amazed to this day that it received an "A". I put a lot of astrology in it, as well as quoting Purucker, Bailey, Ernest Holmes and Max Heindel. This was at the University of Arizona, mind you!
Even though Freud is taboo on campus, his presence lingers everywhere--more than anything on Madison Avenue, but even in psychological circles, there's more thought about the influence of early childhood than ever. The result has been really terrible television that attempts to foster good consumers from the get-go.

Not to say that there aren't positive effects, too.
This is a excellent topic and I'd certainly go behind Jung over Freud. I've delved into Jung in the past, but am by no means any "authority." I look forward to see further comments here.

As for Astrology, I'm of two minds, similar to Paul. I put it down for years, though pursuing other metaphysical endeavors. After meeting several good people who were professional astrologers and finding them intelligent and somewhat accurate, I began to feel there's something to it.

The tests suggested here have already been done over the years, with negative results for astrology. There's one exception, that done by Michel Gauguelin, a French psychologist and statistician. Briefly, he came up with an above average correlation between planetary positions and certain human traits, such as vocations. He called it the "Mars Effect." It's been disputed and defended since then. His book on it was published in1994.

The Wikipedia entry on this and more is:

There are people who can really defend Astrology and hopefully some of them will comment here.
Susan, your undergrad paper on "Jung and Reincarnation" sounds most interesting. Any chance of you getting it online for us to download and read?
Oh heaven's no! would you publish anything you wrote 30 years ago? Unless i put it under humor!
30 years ago!! I understand ;-) Well, you could do some re-writing on it and bring it up to date!
One of the things i've noticed in reading the 2nd vol. of Isis, and it's a minor criticism, really, but there seems to be an assumption that if one body of people have a myth or some kind of occult knowledge similar to a neighboring body, they must've learned it from the other group. It refuses to accept the possibility of "divine revelation," synchronicity, or a collective unconscious, which even William Blake implies in his proofs that all religions are one. Not to say that i don't think the Jews and Christians pilfered most of their stuff from other sources...


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