I dream of a world where all understand each other. All the greeting that is ever needed between two individuals is a momentary meeting of the eyes. Words are recognized as useful, but nothing more. Trust is freely given to all, and all exist to help and understand one another. We give all that we can to those in need. We are vigilant for those that are hurt. We compensate for the misfortune of others. We forgive and help those who have themselves hurt us. We strive for mutual understanding. And above all, we just love.

It seems clear to me that we create our reality. And this (^) is the reality that I wish to create. This is the world that I dream. This is the world that I live for, that I long to see brought into existence, that I long to be the leaven for. Science and Philosophy and Endless Exploration aside, if this dream of mine was attained, I would forget about all the rest. 

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A very worthy dream!


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