If mathematics is the (perfect language) then why can't language be as well. Cannot the answer to a question be relevant to the question or vice versa? Shouldn't the subject of a piece be related to it? Paul

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Mathematics is so perfect because it only deals with numbers that have very little (if any) subjectivity. Human language, however, is hardly anything but subjective. The variables are nearly infinite when humans' communicate with each other, whereas with numbers everything has been refined to logic alone- which is much easier to deal with.


 My plight in life is to find truth within knowledge. Even with my dsylexia for some reason I can manage (I think God is involed somewhere). I agree words are synonomical and I always go the original word used by the writer. Paul

I guess languages are so diverse because there are so many dialects out there. However, with mathematics there is like a certain logic and because of that basic knowledge of like ( i.e. 2+2=4) so,  I guess its why it is perfect in all its capabilities. This was an interesting question though Paul. 


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