It's readily understood that other people are the reason we are. These below are just a few poorly put questions that, if answered honestly, I think maybe could help me and my kind out.

Do you often connect with people? Feel mutually understood with another? What is it that bridges the gap between you and the other? How does it work? Are there people you can't connect with? What is it that gets in the way? Do you think it's possible you could ever connect with them?

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not sure. have to think on it..

Seth - what would your answers be (or possibly be) ?

I don't often connect with others. In fact, when I do, it kind of overwhelms me. I'm not sure what bridges the gap. My guess is its some combination of mutual understanding and love. It's not enough to just be aware of the other entity, some kind of meaningful exchange has to take place as well. But what that exchange truly is and its cause are both beyond me.

I think we all connect to different people differently. However there probably are those that we can't connect at any level whatsoever. But I'm sure if people try they'll relate to a lot of people but I'm not sure in what context you mean by "connect?" Like romantically, at a spiritual level, a connection where you gain an attachment or just simply someone you can relate to, and become acquaintances or friends with? 

I'm not sure. When I say "connect," I really mean just that- to feel connected- to understand another while feeling understood yourself. I guess it would be more along the lines of spiritual relating than anything else.

I know what you mean. But perhaps you need to open up a little more. I had that problem too but now I think I've gotten ridden of my social anxiety and express myself more than I used to.

I do not think it is on "our" side. Others can not see what you mean when you open up. A distant void exists between what you care about and what they think is important. 

just not sure how to get them to open up.

Connecting spiritually is very hard for me. I just do not find people who think at the deeper spiritual level. People who look at life from a deeper and spiritual level are few. It is hard to find others that do this. Also - I have a hard time connecting because ideas are "missed" when I express them. It takes a lot of effort to understand exactly where people are spiritually coming from and then to build the bridge between them and myself. For some people it is impossible. It often appears almost like there is nothing to work with.  What they are willing to understand is sometimes absent from a lack of true desire on their part to even care about the "why" of existence.

you ask good questions here.


I understand completely what you are talking about. The thing I discovered when I looked at this is that everybody else has as much right to their perception as I have to mine. Whats more, each of their perceptions is as essential to me as my own.

About that bridge, it is already there. You built it when you passed through where you think they are.

Actually, I think the act (synchronicity) of running into another person who can think at a theosophical level is a spiritual experience. One needs to work at making it fruitful for *both*.

We are all connected. It is interesting that we walk around with cell phones, so we are all connected in that way, all we need is a number to call up anyone. Our connections are the same, only the number is a perception. So as we communicate with each other we find shared experiences, each of these shared experiences influences our understanding of each other, and the connection grows.

I say the connection grows but that is not quite correct. It is actually our awareness of existing connections that is growing.

growing by becoming conscious

calling on the the cell phone is "spiritual" ? That is not what I think we mean here...

Seth ??


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