Chennai Theosophical Society’s 500 cr land deal

Chennai Theosophical Society’s 500 cr land deal with Shiv Nadar Trust raises concerns

This is the article from the newspaper 

Published in Chennai Newspaper

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More Info. from Theosophy News:


Many in Chennai may be looking forward to send their kids to get high class education at Nadar School on Theosophical Society Property

Nadar Trust runs a School in Delhi So I looked up the cost of education in Delhi

Government Schools in Delhi cost Rs. 240 ($3.08)/year and students also get Rs. 1,700 ($21.83)/year for school supplies

Nadar School cost for Nursery(Kindergarten) is Rs.423,244($5,436)/year - This is not a typo. You can Google and see for yourself.

Obviously only very affluent can afford Nadar School

Theosophical Society supporting the philosophy of catering to affluent cannot spread Universal Brotherhood

We do not see anything in common between Theosophical Society Objectives and Nadar Trust Objectives

So the Rs.512 crore deal is a business one.


Theosophy News 

[from Theosophy News]


There are conflicting statements and facts surrounding the school. We have already discussed some of it earlier.

In a Newsreport published on April 24, 2019 by The Hindu – well known daily from Chennai, here is the quote –

The Theosophical Society, Chennai, is starting a school this year on its tranquil campus at Besant Gardens. Called Adyar Theosophical Academy (ATA), a centre for transformative education, the school will have classes in LKG, UKG, Grade 1 and 2. The capex for the school will be funded by the society.

“We had a building for publishing which is being shifted. Now we are using it for the new school,” said Tim Boyd, international president, The Theosophical Society. He explained that the school would focus on the philosophy of the Theosophical Society.

Talking about the rationale behind setting up this school, he said, “In Philippines we have a model school called the Golden Link School, which has been developed very successfully. And now we are trying to bring that model to India through this new school.” According to Mr Boyd, students from the school in Philippines are highly sought after by the business community, because apart from high grades, they also exhibit certain sense of integrity at the workplace.

Here are the questions -

1. The school fees are high and not transparent and only affluent can afford. The stated primary object of Theosophical Society is Universal Brotherhood. How a school that a common man cannot afford is in line with the philosophy of Theosophical Society. Why the capex for the school is funded by Theosophical Society?
2. Golden Link School may have succeeded in Philippines. Conditions and needs of the Citizens of Chennai is not the same as in Philippines. There is a great need for a school that the poor segment in Chennai can afford.
3. The school is renting land from Theosophical Society for Rs.100,000 per month. This is self renting – how do rent to yourself what you own and confusing and surely the operating income is coming from the high fees charged to the students.
4. The school rental agreement is between Theosophical Education Society and Theosophical Society. What is Theosophical Education Society and how is it connected to ATI and who owns the Society.
5. Is it a disguised for profit venture using the property of Theosophical Society?

Does anyone know what is going on? Most are confused.

Theosophy News


The Anthroposophist's started the Waldorf Schools. They combined education and anthroposophical ideas.

Currently, I keep finding Waldorf Schools everywhere that I have lived.

Perhaps they (TS) are trying to start/build. something similar. 

Peace -


Does anyone know what Adyar is going to do with the money??  


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