At last scientists are acknowledging that animals too are not led purely by survival, but by morals too. This is important, because it helps us keep morals as an important point of interest in our society. Luckily, the one advantage of this economic crisis is that it too helps reminds us what happens in human society when morals are no longer a guiding principle in an important minority.

Anyhow, here's the article Animals can tell right from wrong.

I do think it rather sad that we need to look at the animal kingdom to justify morality in among humans, but that's how it seems to be.

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I know. I have no beef with evolution - I think the general idea is not only true, but also quite powerful, but the impact of it on society isn't altogether good.
And, would animals work in labs to create humans with feet that glow neon green, and then be absolutely delighted when they had manipulated our genetic structure to pass that valuable trait on to our offspring? (See today's news if this sounds like science fiction.) It is the immorality of humans that astounds me.


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