I got this from his Facebook page posted Frank Smith, he

"had the following 'message' from Hari Menon (Feb.2015).. 

Anand suddenly passed away about 6 months back !! , He left [Theosophy.Net ] a few days after I left and Joe handed things over to John. Captain Anand had very advanced tuberculosis, his daughter found my mail whilst going through his email and wrote to me. Poor kids (there are two of them Girls) probably being looked after by their relatives, not sure (Captains wife passed away some years back and he had gone into a tremendous depression - Theosophy got him out of that -[ as best we know ]"

I am shocked and saddened by this news......we should make an effort to keep this site going, thereby keep his memory. 

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I also was really saddened by his death. I found out several months ago and it really hit me by surprise. All of his posts are still here.

He was instrumental to our site (a Board Member of theosophy.net). He spent a lot of time and effort working for all of us.

His personal work in India was focused on Cancer care. He was very committed to this cause, and in that sense was an active saint helping those in need. He was a role model for many of us.

Just fyi to all on this site - we did post his death here and on FB Theosophical Network. I thank Andrasnm for bringing this news back into the forefront.

I'm an old member of this site from it's "glory days," but dropped out several years ago. I too was surprised when I causally checked out the site here this morning and learned of the passing of Captain Anand. It was never clear, to me at least, where the moniker "Captain" came from. Was it from law enforcement or military service? 

It's too late for condolences to his two daughters, but I do hope they received all the spiritual, emotional and financial support they needed, and still need, during this deeply sad time. I'm sure the Captain is "flyin" high" in whatever new realms he finds himself in.

What really stunned me was the remark by andrasnm that after the Captain's wife died Theosophy had gotten him out of...


As a side note, I'm sorry the new members here never saw and experienced theosophy.net at full regale, its high water mark, probably from the years 2008 to about 2011 or so. I joined in 2009 and it was picking up steam then. The illustrious founder, Joe Fulton, was actively involved on a day-to-day basis. Many members were participating, male and female, if not daily, at least 3 - 5 days a week.  Numerous topics in the field of metaphysics, theosophy, Blavatsky(...

Suddenly, Joe Fulton evidently had a change of worldview and temperament. Why, I don't know. Maybe it was getting too "wild and wooley" for him and getting out-of-hand. Then, one day, a new format was announced and new standards and so forth. Most of the interesting people quickly drifted away, with me along with them. 

At any rate, us "old timers" can say "back in the day theosophy.net was really something to behold!" 

Now, I might post something from time to time. 


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