I'm wondering what you all think of contact with aliens. Is it a form of clairvoyance? If so, does that mean that aliens are not on the physical plane at all? Can they be seen by everybody?

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Well, apart from their no doubt being Real aliens, who would no doubt avoid contacting an inferior developing race like us - I think ususally, but not always, alien contacts are in the same realm as mental illness and mediumship. Also it would open up the study of memory, which we really don't know much about. How can one have "memories" in dreams, for instance (or of aliens) which feel perfectly genuine in the dream, yet are undoubtedly fabricated on the moment to fit the scenario of the dream?
The inexpressed?
May I suggest you reflect on it this way.

There are simple senses, there are complex senses, and there are abstract senses.

We know the universe only through these mechanisms.

The Fermi Paradox is the apparent contradiction between the high probability extraterrestrial civilizations' existence and the lack of contact with such civilizations.

The answer to a paradox is always within its constituent parts.

Highly advanced civilisations would utilise the fabric of the universe to move about.
Sensory perception would be useless in such a reality.

Think of taking the subway.

Unless they got off at the wrong stop and then wandered down a long dark alley in the middle of the night, they would never know we exist.

I think maybe Tesla got pretty strange after he could no longer get any funding for his work. He was an amazing guy. He might have gotten some help for some of his humanity-aiding inventions (our whole alternating-current electrical system, for one), and he interpreted this as "aliens" when he was driven a bit off-his-nut in later years. A good (and cheap) book on Tesla is Margaret Cheney's "Man out of Time."
I have no way to offer much proof but in my view aliens as in say "extraterrestrial" beings if we can concede they exist are more probably inter-dimensional beings .. and here I mean that our world is actually a field containing many dimensions and parallel universes.. occasionally, there are intersections where these "beings" are visible to us and we in turn would be visible to them but the contact for now is at best furtive and happenstance and cannot be controlled.. this could be a good thing for us and for them..

The above could explain sightings of beings we call angels, aliens, etc.
Some of them are here in physical form, others are trans-dimensional beings and can come in and out of physical form at will. An analogy is what in Theosophy is called an adept, they can accomplish everything they need to do without wearing a physical body and can materialize physical matter around them if needed. On the other hand those adepts whom we call Masters of the Wisdom, who take disciples are said to often wear a physical body because it aids them in their work, especially at the etheric level. On earth where adept beings are the exception rather than the rule we are surprised by interdimensional contact, but in civilisations who are many millions of years older than ours in evolution, interdimensional contact is quite normal. The concept should not really surprise us - yogis and saints - more recently Padre Pio - seemed to be able to bi-locate quite easily. The secret lies in the structure of the Ultimate Physical Atom which if taken to its ultimate resolution is only comprised of more and more densified forms of what Mdme Blavatsky called "bubbles in koilon" - bubbles in space. Those who have mastered the ability to shift their consciousness can quite easily change from one dimension to another by the power of will.
I don't like the word "aliens" at all. I cannot offer any proof and may be considered insane (it'll not be the first time ;-) but people (yes, they're humans! it's just that they live in etheric bodies) from Mars and Venus are friendly neighbours, nice fellows, that are helping this planet not to be totally poisoned by nuclear radiation. Only one day after Earth people understand that war and any kind of aggression is useless they'll start sharing their technology with us. I count them among my friends.
Dear Ferran,
I think your heart is in the right place. I believe you are correct that there are extra-terrestrial intelligences from other planets in our Solar System visiting us in superphysical form in order to help us. However, there are are also inter-galactic visitors as well. They have mastered the ability to travel along with their spacecraft in interdimensional form, probably what Theosophists would call the astral plane, and they can materialize themselves and their spacecraft at will from this level. This ability to travel within the inner planes means that they can negotiate stellar distances at many times the speed of light and therefore the Einstein objection that one would cease to exist on approaching the speed of light has no relevance. If you are interested I have put a very brief overview on this matter on my Geoffrey Hodson website which might lead you into the work of people like Dr. Steven Greer, Dr. Michael Salla and Adrian Dvir, all of whom give fascinating and relevant insights. At a personal level I have accessed a certain dimension of this work and use the ET healing abilities that they have so graciously manifested to many people who wish to work with them: http://www.geoffreyhodson.com/Assessment.html
Thank you, Bill!
Yes, Heart is in the right side of the body, as Bhagavan Ramana states. I write these things because I meditate too much ;-)
Dear Ferran,
At the "heart" of it all we are living on a sacred planet, by which is meant that we are one of the key planets in the universe where great spiritual evolutionary developments are expected and hoped for. I know this is hard to accept when you look around the world, but most of the problems are caused by poor leadership and selfish behaviour of the powerful. Many people of earth would like to live in peace, harmony and brotherhood. And for the sake of this silent majority our Extra-Terrestrial friends are working hard for us behind the scenes.
Hello again Katinka. I believe contact with aliens (extra terrestrials) comes  about in a number of different ways. It is true that clairvoyance and telepathy are sometimes involved. At other times these beings have taken a physical presence on earth and can be spoken to as it were in the flesh, they can also materialize and dematerilize at will. If I can speak from my own experience, my contact has been a telepathic one, and first came to fruition after I saw a video of the late Adrian Dvir who had been involved in working with Alien medical teams who visit our planet and for some reason, probably due to the availability of a portal over Israel, proliferated in that vicinity. Being a health professional myself I thought I would also like to co-operate in this healing work. The next day due to a meditation link that I had, I asked if contact could be made on my behalf, and was told that within 24 hours an alien doctor would be assigned to me, and that in fact is what happened and I have been working with him ever since. In the history of alien contact there are many such strange occurences. One of the reasons that I think that our alien visitors confine themselves to inner plane activity is that in certain countries in the world it is illegal to consort with extra-terrestrial visitors - in other words you can be jailed for this activity. If one was looking for more than individual anecdotal evidence that these extra-terrestrial visitors are here and have been visiting us for a long time then Dr. Steven Greer's Disclosure Project surely would satisfy any reasonable person. Apart from the inherent evidence of over 500 military, scientific and political witnesses who offered to go on oath in the case of a Congressional Inquiry, the question might well be asked why Dr. Greer was prepared to give up his profession as a leading Emergency Surgeon to do this work, which has even imperiled his life. But then that is a whole other matter, as indeed is why our governments are resistant to the overtures that the alien visitors bring with them - basically "peace and co-operation" are not desirable tools for pursuing self-seeking foreign policy decisons.


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