I will like to know the relation in theosophy whith the Advaita Vedanta

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Dear friends

My views are:

I just came across this one by Tukaram Tatyas book: "A compendium of the raja yoga philosophy : comprising the principal treatises of Shrimat Sankaracharya and other reknowned authors (1888)" ( Is online here: http://www.archive.org/details/compendiumofraja00bombiala )

When readin the fascimile-version one will find, that theosophical teachings are very much entangled with the metaphysics of the Advaita Vedanta and the doctrine of Atma=Brahman. And not to mistake a robe to be a snake, or the opposite. :-)

HPB wrote about him in her "WHY I DO NOT RETURN TO INDIA":
"Had it not been for Theosophy, would India have had her Tukaram Tatya doing now the priceless work he does, and which no one in India ever thought of doing before him? Without the Theosophical Society, would India have ever thought of wrenching from the hands of learned but unspiritual Orientalists the duty of reviving, translating and editing the Sacred Books of the East, of popularizing and selling them at a far cheaper rate, and at the same time in a far more correct form than had ever been done at Oxford? Would our respected and devoted brother Tukaram Tatya himself have ever thought of doing so, had he not joined the Theosophical Society? Would your political Congress itself have ever been a possibility, without the Theosophical Society? Most important of all, one at least among you has fully benefited by it; and if the Society had never given to India but that one future Adept (Dâmodar) who has now the prospect of becoming one day a Mahâtma, Kali Yuga notwithstanding, that alone would be proof that it was not founded at New York and transplanted to India in vain. " ( BCW, vol. 12, p. 159)

M. Sufilight


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