What would a new world religion/philophosy look like today?

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Any new religion would have to embody the old or as in Martin Luther's case be diametrically opposite to the old and ever new paradigm or else the so-called new fade as a mirage in the desert.

The current establishment have lost themselves in a sea of what Martin Luther and his crowd has to offer: literalism and fundamentalism: a Nazi regime if thee ever was one.

What is lost is total dependence upon the divine.  We individual do not see what is clearly, at least to me, is in plain sight.  The whole world is a cacophony of symbols expressing the needs of the soul/psyche and men do not see them.  We live in the New Jerusalem that Saint John speaks of in his Revelations and few have eyes to see.  We live in a very beautiful and mystical universe and all one has to do is "love the lord thy God, with thy whole heart, and thy whole soul, and thy whole mind".  Alas we are too busy chasing after the idols of the world to be paying attention to such antiquated commandments.  Yet, we each have the nerve to blame it on God when it is us individually that has no time for him.

The foundation all religions are founded upon these above principles.  If you have 24/7 time for God then He will have time for you.  He puts up with no slackers or whiners: for he is a jealous God and will not have any idols before him.  If you can not meet these conditions then go back into the fray.  The day will come when these mandates will appear to be a very light yoke indeed.

When I first saw this thread, my reaction was basically one of amazement that we even need a new religion. We have too many already.

I like "love the lord thy God, with thy whole heart, and thy whole soul, and thy whole mind"
It is apparently too simple in this day and age for most people. The fight for specific religious despotisms is the never-ending crusade.

"New Jerusalem that Saint John speaks of in his Revelations and few have eyes to see"
Revelations, I have never understood. It only seems to make sense if it is addressing individual transformation. When that interpretation fails me, then I write the whole book off as a bad-mushroom day in Patmos.

I'd like to seek opinion on Revelations, if you choose to share, It would need a brand new thread - please :)  It may turn contentious.

With James Davis gone....  maybe it could go into the "Symbol and Meaning" group. Or, whereever you wish.

The selection of a Group to place it in may be best. Groups can be controlled (moderated) more easily (only if needed). 

A new group may even make sense (Abrahamic Religions, Abrahamic Theosophies or more specific etc. not sure). Send me an email if you want other ideas....


I agree that something has to spontaneously erupt on the spiritual scene in the soul/psyche of each individual; however, the creators of such a religion would all have to agree on what it is that uniquely binds all the major religions together esoterically.

That is the key, knowing what the esoteric science is and then you can write any mythology you want and create appropriate rituals and initiation ceremonies. As much as I know I would not even dare to attempt such a feat.  The responsibilities are enormous.

I believe that what the world has to offer is plenty it is just that the fledgling initiate has to put himself to the task of learning what his own culture has to offer.  Sadly, few will attempt even that cursory mandate and yet we all curse the wind for not being the religion that we can comprehend.  If we are willing to submerge ourselves into our own religious culture in the manner in which God has set forth do you really believe that we would listen once again to Jesus Christ if he came again to create a new religion?

I dare say that there are those righteous Christians that have nails and cross in hand if Christ dares to return because to them it will be obvious that he had not learned his lesson the first time.


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