December 21, 2012.

 That date will be upon us soon. A date that ends an era and begins another, so we have been told. WHO told us this? Mayans. Astrologers. Ancient wise men from the east...! What is an era? End of Fish age and beginning of Aquarius? What does it mean? Does it have any truth? End of out dated ego consciousness and the dawn of new thinking. I hope so. For our survival's sake, I very much hope so.

Do Theosophists have any thoughts on this subject? I think as supposed, practicing, researching  Theosophists, we should have something to contribute on the subject.

And here is mine...

Yes, there are eras/chapters in the dimension of TIME that overlays our space. I think 12.21.2012 is a date of significance, though we as human observers will not observe any change or any end or beginning. This Dawn of a new consciousness has already begun outside of our senses, in the Spirit or the unManifest.. This Light will gradually become manifest, and as we slowly prepare ourselves we may eventually perceive this Dawn of the Golden Age. Perhaps some already do..!

Please reply'thinkers of the world' and share your important thoughts on this subject at this critical date of human history.   Thanks.

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A date on a calendar is only significant if we make it so.  December 25th is significant because it was made so many cneturies ago, but no one really knows exactly when Christ was born.  12/21/12 may just be another day on the calendar.  However, if everyone tried to make every day an important, meaningful day we would have no need for "special days".  Maybe 12/21/12 will be the beginning of people coming together instead of splitting apart, of people showing compassion rather than hatred, and understanding rather than closing their minds to those things that are new or different to them.  Lets hope....

It was I think Mark twain who remarked  "1492 Columbus discovered America , it would have been better if he had not '' 

in the same vein - I am not a great believer of Cataclysms based on dates -. I see no difference between a blind date and a date of cataclysmic proportions ., Either way man will never learn till he becomes grass or something more peaceful by birth.

My thoughts are not so 'important' except that they cause me to think further; I doubt they will do that for another.

I was a pollyanna, seeing hope and beauty everywhere

then I became a cynic, finding cruelty and selfishness everywhere


now I accept that both possibilities lie in each

 but that is not the whole of it or of us


  even if it heralds one of the most important opportunities ever

    it is still only an opportunity

      a moment in a cycle when one can grab a higher ring 

       and try to hold on, hoping you have gained the strength you need 


  like most of us

   sitting empty-handed

     wondering what all the fuss is about

the answer, I think

 lies in an answer made by someone wise when a fellow striver stated

 “I wish I had more time and money; I could do so much...”

“Really?  What do you do with the time and money you have now?”

How will the cycle find you?

  What are we doing now, friends?



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