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Zero Point Dynamics within the SD

Chapter 7 Zero Point Dynamics & Metaphysics (from God, Science & The Secret Doctrine)   7a. Laya Centres: Zero Point Origins and…

Started by Christopher P. Holmes

0 Oct 8, 2010

How to study the Secret Doctrine / introduction into theosophy

The Secret Doctrine is - still after a century - one of the most popular books in the theosophical literature. Yet everybody who tries read…

Started by Katinka Hesselink

7 Sep 30, 2010
Reply by steel styl

The Secret Doctrine - Abridged Version.

Just finished reading the abridged version of the Secret Doctrine - I never thought I was dumb but after reading it, I am now not so sure!…

Started by Janelle Cranston

16 Sep 30, 2010
Reply by steel styl

Angel of the pointing hand

Can anyone help me with a scanned copy of the illustration from Geoffrey Hodson's 'The brotherhood of angels and of men' ?

Started by Roy Stewart

2 Sep 29, 2010
Reply by Roy Stewart

Theosophy and Hermeticism

It seems that Theosophy has some roots in the Hermetic Tradition. Some of you may know this, but perhaps many are unaware of just how deep…

Started by Michael A. Williams

12 Sep 28, 2010
Reply by Michael A. Williams

The "Old Lady" may be baaack!

We all know HPB's agenda concerning the mythic "Jesus," the Church, the Bible origins, the "God idea," etc., but was able to develop little…

Started by Odin

7 Sep 25, 2010
Reply by Ferran Sanz Orriols

Unpublished / Rumored Materials

Thanks to Dan Caldwell for posting the information on the newly released "Secret Doctrine Commentaries - the 1889 Unpublished Instructions"…

Started by Joe Fulton

5 Sep 1, 2010
Reply by M K Ramadoss

Clairvoyance and Synesthesia

Synesthesia is a rare neurological condition in which "stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary expe…

Started by Daniel Noga

1 Aug 22, 2010
Reply by Arthur E Gregory

The Hermetic Axiom and Fractals

The Hermetic Axiom and Fractals "Lucifer7" for December had a link to an article about "Fractals" at:

Started by Mark R. Jaqua

0 Jan 4, 2010

Talk by Joy Mills

Highly recommended to reflect on and meditate with ... Thanks for sharing Mr Tucker

Started by ernest fechner

0 Dec 20, 2009


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