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I have been away exploring the website and educational offering

and while it was good in some aspects, I am now back here. I found the Buddhist site a little too religious albeit not dogmatic. The best t…

Started by andrasnm

6 Aug 3, 2015
Reply by andrasnm

The Sacred as the locus of misfortune

My source for this idea -- Predominantly in S.Korean religion My basic argument -- Wherever popular media is found, be it film or literatu…

Started by SpookyDread

12 Jun 1, 2015
Reply by John


Inside the Middle East’s vanishing ancient religions

The following was posted by Somnath Guha Roy on the sister-group on FaceBook: Theosophical network. (Boston Globe) Inside the Middle East’s…

Started by John

16 Nov 25, 2014
Reply by John

The Gospel of Thomas on Servants & Masters

I was reading the Gospel of Thomas (from the Nag Hammadi Library) in verse 47 he quotes Jesus as saying "it is not possible for a servant t…

Started by PuzzleSolver

4 Jul 30, 2014
Reply by David Allen


The Hymn/Dance of Jesus - performed after the Last Supper

    General Information The Hymn/Dance of Jesus was performed after the Last Supper (Maundy Thursday) The best edition of the Greek remain…

Started by John

3 Apr 18, 2014
Reply by John

Drawn to the mysteries within the bible and the Kabbalah.

John,   I am for some reason am being drawn to the mysteries of the bible and the Kabbalah. Why does God embed mysteries in them? Does not…

Started by Paul lee James

17 Feb 6, 2014
Reply by PuzzleSolver

Beginning to see and understand.

We have a spirit and when we understand we have it our curiosity comes into view drawing God to us and vice versa. I now see where belief a…

Started by Paul lee James

2 Nov 17, 2013
Reply by Paul lee James

Beginning to realize why the ancients maybe used codes.

The ancients of the bible figured those who didn't believe in monotheism might steal and change their scripture into false scripture. But e…

Started by Paul lee James

2 Nov 16, 2013
Reply by Paul lee James

The word truth.

The word truth means many different things to different people. I am beginning to believe that every word in any dictionary and thesaurus i…

Started by Paul lee James

8 Oct 30, 2013
Reply by Paul lee James


Yesseus Mazareus Yessedekeus: The Early Sethian Baptismal Rite

Thank you Puzzlesolver for that question. The primary thing that popped up was in:  Sethian Gnosticism with that in mind, I have to read mo…

Started by John

2 Oct 27, 2013
Reply by John


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